BANGUI - Ambushes, accidents, drinking bouts. Everything is reported in detail. Since 2017, the Russian mercenaries belonging to the Wagner Group have been careful to record every one of their actions in the Central African Republic (CAR).

These accounts, spreadsheets and other reports tell the behind-the-scenes story of Russia's presence in the country, far from Moscow's official discourse.

The French daily Le Monde, in partnership with Dossier Center and CAPA Presse, obtained and authenticated these documents, which come from a larger data leak known as the "WagnerLeaks."

Between 2017 and 2021, Russian mercenaries, officially deployed as "instructors" to Central African security forces, steadily expanded their military presence, in total violation of the embargo imposed on the Central African Republic since 2013 by the UN.

Corroborated by various sources, these accounts written by the mercenaries themselves also reveal how Wagner looted and sometimes tortured the local population.

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