MARRAKECH, Morocco - The Women in Africa Summit is scheduled to take place in Marrakech, Morocco, from 25-26 June 2020.

The fate of the 21st century will take place in Africa. It’s THE world’s new frontier for economic development and growth, concentrating huge human and natural resources but challenges as well: climate change, migrations, unemployment. African women will play an active role in this turning point. Join us at the 4th edition of the Women In Africa Summit, next June 25-26 in Marrakech, Morocco.

The Women in Africa (WIA) initiative is an international platform for economic development and mentoring of African women leaders with strong potential. Its ambitions are twofold: to unleash the potential of a new generation of African female leaders at all levels of civil and government responsibility, and to connect African and international women leaders in the pursuit of an innovative and inclusive Africa.

The World Summit in Marrakech, Morocco, is the annual highlight of the meetings convened by our Initiative. Held in Africa, it brings together fresh local talents and the decision-makers who are committed to transforming the continent.

In 2017, the first edition of this international event was attended by 400 participants, 18% of whom were men, from 39 countries, including 22 from Africa.

In 2018, the annual World Summit in Marrakech attracted more than 500 participants from over 70 countries.

In 2019, 85 countries were represented, and we were pleased to welcome a delegation of women from the Middle East and a delegation of American women!

Why did we choose Marrakech? The ocher city, the crown jewel of tourism in the Cherifian kingdom, offers all the appropriate infrastructures, a qualified workforce and an unprecedented sense of hospitality.

Its inspiring setting has proven to be the ideal venue for us to bring together international and pan-African companies that are willing to integrate the gender dimension into their decision-making.